Dear Ruth

Last Saturday, I closed one of my favorite shows I've ever been a part of. Martha Seawright was a headstrong, loving, and determined woman. Even though she was only in the second half of the show, I loved her arc and the journey she went through. And it was fun to have a romantic role, which is not normally my type!

Martha & William Seawright

Martha & William Seawright

The crew & cast on closing night!

The crew & cast on closing night!

The cast of Dear Ruth was a group of talented, kind, hilarious, and genuine people that I will love forever. We had an excellent time both on and off stage! Thank you to all of those who came and supported me.


This past December I was an MC for IGNITE: An LGBTQ+ Youth Summit. It was an amazing day of building community, fostering creativity, and igniting their excitement for the future! My co-MC was Adam White and we had a great time hosting the event. 

2017-10-28 04.23.25.jpg
Going over guidelines and agreements for the day.

Going over guidelines and agreements for the day.

After our opening session, break out workshop sections, and a free dinner provided by Chick-fil-A, it was time for the Encircle Holiday Special! We had incredible performers and it was a great way to spread Holiday cheer. The night ended with the premier of Encircle 2017 Holiday Video, which I was the casting director for. Link below!

Tyler Glenn was our headliner. A beautiful acoustic set.

Tyler Glenn was our headliner. A beautiful acoustic set.

UCT Shows & Hale Rehearsals

The day shows at Utah Children's Theatre are now showing! We will be performing "The Magic Fish" and "Builders of America" until May 2018. We've performed at the theatre and schools, but all have been a blast. I loved the puppetry in Magic Fish and I support the stories we tell in Builders. If you're an elementary or junior high theatre teacher, use this link to learn more about booking us to come perform for your students!


In more exciting news, I've been cast as Martha Seawright in the Hale Center Theater Orem's production of "Dear Ruth." Barta Heiner is directing and the cast is hysterical. We're all worried about breaking on stage! We open at the end of December, so we'll have to get it together quick. Here is a link to purchase tickets, now on sale!


Welcome Fall!

My favorite season is here and I couldn't be more excited. This is my favorite time of year! The changing colors, the cool nights, and the slow audition season ends!

Last week I was able to record the voice over for Disruptive Advertising's Tinder themed commercial. We had a good time in the sound booth and there was an element of improv, which made it really fun! The cherry on top? I got to use my Long Island accent. 


Now I'm in rehearsals for two productions at Utah Children's Theatre in Salt Lake! We are doing "The Magic Fish" and "Builders of America." School children will field trip to the theatre, or sometimes we will travel to the schools. It's going to be a long show run and I'm looking forward to getting both productions on their feet! 


Creekside Theatre Fest

Performing in two shows during the same run was a new and wonderful learning experience! Each cast was great to work with and I liked changing things up every night between the two productions. My characters were vastly different, but I loved them both. 

Oz was a much smaller cast (only 3 of us on the stage) which provided us a great opportunity to become close.

Bo (Dot/Dorothy), Jeanine (SM), Brooke (Director), Jordan (Mr. Braum & 21 other characters), myself (Bridgey & 8 other characters)

Bo (Dot/Dorothy), Jeanine (SM), Brooke (Director), Jordan (Mr. Braum & 21 other characters), myself (Bridgey & 8 other characters)

The Tempest cast was much larger, but Stephano only really interacts with two other characters. I love Jordan and Alden, so it was a joy getting into drunken escapades with them every night! The rest of the cast was a joy to hang with backstage, as well as many late trips to Applebee's. 

Jordan (Trinculo), myself (Stephano), Alden (Caliban)

Jordan (Trinculo), myself (Stephano), Alden (Caliban)

I was happy with the overall positive responses we got from audiences and reviewers! Below are links and excerpts from the reviews. Also, I don't know how long it'll take people to get my last name correct, but it is Fullmer, not Fuller. Ha!

Front Row Reviewers about The Tempest: "Another standout relationship was the one between the King's butler, Stephano, played as female (and fabulous) by Jasmine Fuller, and the King's jester, Trinculo, played exquisitely by Jordan Kramer. Fuller and Kramer were delightful to watch. The characters were so fun! If you go for no other reason, go for the monster with four legs scene. Truly a standout performance."

Link: Front Row Reviewers: The Tempest - A Creekside Delight

Utah Theater Bloggers about Oz: "Jasmine Fullmer as Bridgey brought ample energy to the stage with her performance, and I missed the moments she wasn't on stage. I quite liked her in the role, and the physicality she brought to the Wicked Witch of the West stole the show for me."

Link: Utah Theatre Bloggers: Creekside's Oz Has Charm in its Setting and its Actors

Return to the Stage

I've only been working on film projects since graduating, so I was very excited to do a stage production for the first time in a year! I was cast in the Grassroots Shakespeare Company's Educational Tour of The Merchant of Venice. I performed as Nerissa and Salarino. We toured to several schools around Utah & Salt Lake Valley. It was great to interact with the students after the performances and hear what they had to say!

My next project is the Creekside Theatre Festival. I was cast in both productions they are doing this summer: OZ by Patrick Shanahan and The Tempest by William Shakespeare. I am playing Bridgey in OZ and Stephano in The Tempest. I'm excited to stay busy this summer!

Final Projects of 2016

2016 was a very eventful year for me and I was able to wrap up the year with three fun projects/events!

The short film I did with Spy Hop entitled "Semblance" had its premier at the PitchNic Festival. It was fun to be reunited with the cast and crew! I had a great time working with them and hope to again in the future. 

Joseph Skousen, Brighton Ziegler (Director of Photography), and myself

Joseph Skousen, Brighton Ziegler (Director of Photography), and myself

I was cast in a feature film entitled "The Legacy" and got to play the bubbly, friendly mom of Dakota Mrs. Vasquez. The boy who played my son, Jaren, was a delight to work with. We read together at callbacks, so I'm glad I was able to film with him.

Please ignore my horribly awkward hand.

Please ignore my horribly awkward hand.

The final project of 2016 was with Infigo Films (a favorite of mine). It was a commercial for the LDS dating app "Mutual." I was already looking forward to working with the Infigo team again, when I discovered Savanah Pestridge would be on set! We played mother/daughter in our senior project show and I love working with her. So it was a wonderful surprise!

Playing the frumpy, ice cream eater has its advantages.

Playing the frumpy, ice cream eater has its advantages.

I'm really looking forward to 2017 and the opportunities it presents!

Summer Update!

I've done some great projects over the summer and below are a few favorites:

I was the lead in a short film entitled "Semblance" and able to work with a talented cast and crew. My character discovers she has a real talent for art, which is a talent I personally don't have. My mom is a wonderful artist, so I asked tips from her and luckily we had a real artist come in and paint some lovely pieces. Some production stills from this shoot are on my Gallery page and the movie trailer on my Media page.

I did voice over for the Church Educational System video presentation that they show to the high schools around the state. I got to work on this with a good friend from high school, which was a fun surprise! You can see this video on my Media page. 

And the highlight of my summer was being an A+ mascot (and judge) at The Belly-Flop Competition fundraiser for the Orem City All-Together Playground. This is why I got my BFA in Acting after-all.....