Summer Update!

I've done some great projects over the summer and below are a few favorites:

I was the lead in a short film entitled "Semblance" and able to work with a talented cast and crew. My character discovers she has a real talent for art, which is a talent I personally don't have. My mom is a wonderful artist, so I asked tips from her and luckily we had a real artist come in and paint some lovely pieces. Some production stills from this shoot are on my Gallery page and the movie trailer on my Media page.

I did voice over for the Church Educational System video presentation that they show to the high schools around the state. I got to work on this with a good friend from high school, which was a fun surprise! You can see this video on my Media page. 

And the highlight of my summer was being an A+ mascot (and judge) at The Belly-Flop Competition fundraiser for the Orem City All-Together Playground. This is why I got my BFA in Acting after-all.....