The Provo team stood out - Chayton and JR have a great energy together, but we can all agree that Jasmine's presence in the match was a highlight, both for what it represented, but also as a fine ComedySportz team member by any criteria. I hope we'll see much more of Jasmine and her high-flying energy for years to come. - Comedy Sportz World Championships 2018


Jasmine's character "Kim" also had a challenging role to create. She brought full concentration and commitment from the get-go, took direction beautifully, and created a character whose confusion and - most importantly - whose character change were fully believable." - ATHE National Conference

Jasmine Fullmer was an excellent surprise. A recent college graduate, she was vividly alive onstage and in rehearsals. She was always ready to try anything and constantly enthusiastic during all the hard work we were doing. Jasmine's wonderful to work with and I honestly could really see that imaginary leaf every single time she trimmed it with imaginary scissors. - ATHE National Conference

IMG_3328 (2).PNG

Jasmine Fullmer as "Bridgey" brought ample energy to the stage with her performance, and I missed the moments she wasn't on stage. I quite liked her in the role, and the physicality she brought to the Wicked Witch of the West stole the show for me. - UTBA


Another standout relationship was the one between the King's butler, Stephano, played as female (and fabulous) by Jasmine Fullmer, and the King's jester, Trinculo, played exquisitely by Jordan Kramer. Fullmer and Kramer were delightful to watch. The characters were so fun! If you go for no other reason, go for the monster with four legs scene. Truly a standout performance. - Front Row Reviewers


The roommates, played by Jasmine Fullmer and Emma Widtfeldt, had a very natural and believable chemistry (including a very fancy secret handshake), which I loved. - UTBA


Jasmine Fullmer played various characters including Mrs. Murray, the Happy Medium, and others. I enjoyed her confidence in each new character. - UTBA